2024 Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo Recordings & Materials

Below, you will find recordings and materials from the conference. You can access photos from the conference by visiting the DropBox link here.

If you would like the recording of the Breakout Session: Growing and Diversifying the Auto Market, please reach out to Celia Winslow at cwinslow@afsamail.org

Conference Welcome & The Industry Pulse

Join our All-Star Panel for predictions and insights into 2024 and beyond for not only the U.S. vehicle finance ecosystem, but the broader U.S. and global economy. What might an economic “soft landing” mean for our industry? Where is consumer sentiment on new and used vehicles, especially EVs, and what’s the view from the finance side? What are the emerging external pressures that will shape the marketplace in the coming year? Gain the actionable intelligence to keep you up to speed and even ahead of the curve entering the new year.

Speakers & Slides:
Michael Dunne, CEO, Dunne Insights LLC (PDF)
Melinda Zabritski, Senior Director, Solutions Consulting, Experian Automotive (PDF)
Steve Greenfield, Partner, Automotive Ventures (PDF)
Tim Gill, Chief Economist, AFSA (PDF)

Industry Keynote

Hear from a global leader in the vehicle industry on the state of the market and the dealer lender relationship, and how to sustain and grow consumer- and employee-focused cultures that helped build one of the industry’s most successful and iconic brands.

Robert Kurnick, Jr., President, Penske Automotive Group, Inc.
Kyle Birch, President, North America Operations, GM Financial & Chairman, AFSA Board of Directors

Capital Policy Update

Inflation, affordability, and consumer confidence remain high on the list of vehicle industry concerns, while at the same time policymakers in Washington and state capitals are focused on re-shaping economic and regulatory environments that will affect those top-of-mind issues for consumers and industries alike. And let’s not forget the political and judicial trends that will also serve as straws to stir economic, business and consumer behaviors for 2024. Get the full download from AFSA’s government affairs leaders who are on the frontlines where all these decisions are being made.

Speakers & Slides:
Danielle Arlowe, Senior Vice President, AFSA (PDF)
Celia Winslow, Senior Vice President, AFS (PDF)
Jim Schneider, Executive Vice President/COO, Mariner Finance (PDF)

Charge! What’s Accelerating the EV Market in 2024?

Are EV innovation, affordability, and financing options aligning for U.S. market growth in 2024? Can U.S. policies keep pace? In this must-attend session, gain exclusive insights from top EV industry analysts on market forecasts, access and affordability, and where industry and consumer incentives and infrastructure are headed.

Speakers & Slides:
Elizabeth Krear, Vice President, Electric Vehicle Practice, J.D. Power (PDF)
Nishit Madlani, Managing Director, S&P Global (PDF)
Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist, Cox Automotive (PDF)

Sleep Better at Night: Executing a Resilient Cyber Program

Cybersecurity threats are evolving to match businesses’ adoption of everything from the cloud to “work from anywhere,” and then there is the dreaded “unknown” to be prepared for. How? Hear corporate information security leaders about the state of play and how enterprises large and small can integrate and strengthen current cyber programs for the future of their businesses.

Speakers & Slides
Justin Oesterle, CEO, RouteOne (PDF)
William Orange, Vice President, Information Technology, Nissan Americas (PDF)
Carolyn Purwin Ryan, Partner, Mullen Coughlin LLC (PDF)

Conference Keynote

No matter how fool-proof or innovative business forecasting, strategic planning or marketing tactics may be, the key for successful implementation is the commitment of your teams and our industry to go “All in.” Gian Paul Gonzalez has inspired and seen first-hand the power of an “All in” commitment, from his presentation to the New York Giants before a Super Bowl to its adoption as an annual motto by “Fortune 100” companies around the globe. Hear from one of America’s most inspiring speakers on how his “All in” strategy is transforming lives and businesses, and how it can transform our industry.

Gian Paul Gonzalez

All In On AI? Accelerating Opportunities, Mitigating Risk

The auto industry is keen to embrace innovations that meet consumer needs. Data remains at the heart of a good digital experience for frictionless personalized content, product offers and customer service. In leveraging data, technology, and AI, how can organizations unlock insights that better serve their customers while remaining thoughtful and well-managed?

Speakers & Slides:
Dr. Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer, FICO (PDF)
Sanjiv Yajnik, President, Financial Services, Capital One

Crafting the Killer CX

Between economic uncertainty and ever-evolving expectations the customer experience (CX) matters more than ever and must rapidly adapt to the speed of need of the consumer and your business. Join our distinguished panel to discover the trends, innovations, and best practices that are delivering customer experiences that win business and build loyalty.

Donald Chesnut, Chief Experience Officer, General Motors
Mark Pregmon, Vice President, Lending, USAA Federal Savings Bank
Rhett Ricart, CEO, Ricart Automotive Group

Lies & Loans: What’s on the Vehicle Finance Fraud Horizon?

From false documents, overstating income and phantom loans to synthetic identities and leveraging stolen data on the Dark Web, vehicle finance fraudsters are adapting and innovating as quickly as the technology and techniques used to trap them. Hear from experts on the frontlines who are combatting the fast-evolving fraud market and what you need to know to keep your portfolios clean.

Speakers & Slides:
Capt. Brian Cole, Financial Crimes, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Erika Dietrich, Head of Merchant Payments Analytics & Optimization, ACI Worldwide
Frank McKenna, Co-Founder & Chief Fraud Strategist of AI, PointPredictive
Geoff McLellan, Chief Risk Officer, Ford Motor Credit Company
Richard Tsai, Head of Markets, Product Marketing for Global Fraud Solutions, TransUnion


AFSA/NADA Exchange

AFSA Vehicle Finance Division Chair Kristin Karwat and NADA Chairman Gary Gilchrist discuss some of the key issues and opportunities facing both financiers and dealers.

Tanya Sanders, Executive VP, Head of Transformation, Wells Fargo Auto
Kristin Karwat, CEO, Gateway Financial Solutions
Gary Gilchrist, President, Gilchrist Chevrolet Buick GMC, Inc. 

CEO Roundtable

Get the insights you need for 2024 and beyond from the industry leaders in the know.

George Fussell, CEO, SAFCO
Betty Jotanovic, President of Chrysler Capital & Auto Relationships, Santander Consumer USA
Tommy Moore, Jr., CEO, Stellantis Financial Services
Petar Vucurevic, Senior VP, Financial Services, American Honda Finance Corporation


Back by popular demand, the AFSA Main Stage will be buzzing with the Solutions Showcase, bringing together innovative, exciting AFSA Business Partner products or services that can help transform consumer credit operations.

Six AFSA Business Partners selected by the Vehicle Finance Conference Planning Task Force will showcase their best products and services that can add to any company’s value proposition spanning compliance, risk, payments, mobility, and marketing.